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Summer in Greece with Dimitra Milan

Summer in Greece with Dimitra Milan

Although we have never met Dimitra (@dimitramilan on Instagram) in person, she feels like a real friend to us. Her personality is warm, engaging and one can feel the creativity in everything she does.
Dimitra's art, just like herself, is full of color, joy and playfulness - and what we love the most about her: she's all about sharing creativity. Together with her partner she has founded the @milanartinstitute where anyone can learn creating art from anywhere in the world. 
We loved chatting to Dimitra about all things inspiration, creativity and personal style. 
Dimitra took her ELF pieces on a trip to Greece and has us swooning about the picturesque lanscape and European flair.
Dimitra, we are so in love with your art. It’s so unique and it feels like you show so much of your personality through it. Have you always been creative or is painting something you discovered at a later point in life?

I grew up in an creative family where both my parents were full time artists, so it was a huge part of my life. From a very young age I was creative and loved to draw and make “little worlds”. I personally think every child is born a creator, but sometimes it isn’t fostered and so we tend to lose it later on in life. Around age 12 is when I seriously fell in love with painting and worked on developing my own unique style. When I was 14, is when I decided I wanted to be an artist for my career.     


All your photos from Greece went straight onto our Europe moodboard. What’s your favorite place you visited?

Ahhh Greece is the best! And you need several trips there to really experience it. Every island is unique and has a different flavor/culture. This summer I was in Spetses for 2 months, which was crazy long but so much fun! The beaches were amazing, crystal clear with beautiful colorful pebbles. But my favorite place in Greece has to be a region called Pelio, know as the homeland of the centaurs. It’s a magical foresty place with the most incredible beaches (like top beaches on earth!).








Starting something new can be daunting. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to  reconnect with their creative side and start drawing/ painting?

Just go for it! If there’s a voice inside you calling you to art, follow it. Creating helps us let go of any worries and melt into the moment. Anyone can learn to draw or paint as long as they have the passion for it. The more you practice the better you’ll be, just like anything else in life. It’s not true that art is only for those born with talent. Talent can be achieved by working hard and practicing! So don’t be afraid to try something new and just see where it leads you. 


How would you describe your personal style? And which one of the pieces you styled for us?

Bohemian, feminine, and sometimes classic looks. Comfort is VERY important to me. I love flowy romantic dresses and skirts, and pretty much anything with leather. That’s why I love Bali Elf so much because of the high quality materials they use and how comfortable (and cute) their pieces are. I especially like the Sienna One shoulder dress and how flattering it is, the texture and flow of it is amazing. It makes me feel extra elegant and classy. I can’t wait to get myself some more!

Words you live by?

You can have your cake and eat it too! I believe everyone deserves the best things in life, and we don’t have to settle for anything less. Set your heart on what it is you truly want, and one day you’ll have it.








Dimitra is wearing Blue Strawberry Fields Mini Dress handmade from organic linen. It's available in a multitude of colours.    

The white one-shoulder dress is our Sienna One-Shoulder Dress. It's available in two colours.

The heels Dimitra paired with the Sienna Dress are handcrafted Night Glimmer Low Heel Sandals available in multiple color options



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