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Leather Care Guide

If you like your leather goodies to remain looking crisp then we recommend taking good care of your handmade leather shoes and bags on a regular basis.



To remove dirt or surface residue, use a soft damp cloth. Gently rub for removal. For a deeper clean, use a leather cleaner to help preserve the natural smooth oils instead of stripping them. Let your leather goodies dry naturally.



To prevent leather from losing suppleness over time use a wax-free leather conditioner that will nourish and restore the flexibility and suppleness of your leather goodies. To waterproof your leather, protect it with a layer of water protectant while maintaining the leather's breathability.



Leather is a natural material, please, store your leather goodies in a breathable, non-plastic container to prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew. We provide beautiful cotton bag for storing your Bali ELF pieces.



- Detergents, solvents, acetone and abrasive cleaners. They will pull the colour off leather.

- Prolonged and direct exposure of sunlight and hot and humid weather.

- Place leather near fireplaces or heaters. If need to dry wet or damp leather, let it air-dry naturally.

- Waxes or silicone formulas as they will impair the leather's ability to "breathe".