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Leather Heels

In a world of mass produced shoes, what we love the most about ELF shoes is the energy we put into details making one pair at a time. The ingredients that go into creating every pair of ELF ballet flat, sandal, boot and handbag are premium raw materials, carefully organized in-house production, the upmost respect for all the people that help us achieve this and the love that we put into every piece we create.

Spirit Walker Booties

$175.00 USD

Dance Queen Heels

$150.00 USD

Wind Chaser Heel Booties

$175.00 USD

Incognito Leather Heels

$145.00 USD

Paradise Bird Leather Heels

$165.00 USD

Rain Kiss Leather Booties

$175.00 USD

El Paso Leather Boots

$220.00 USD

Velvet Moon Foldover Boots

$220.00 USD