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Muse of the Month: Celeste C. Clark

Muse of the Month: Celeste C. Clark

We came across Celeste's Social Media (@celestecclark on Instagram)  about a year ago and were instantly captured by her ornate, unique art pieces. They feel light and airy and all in colour schemes that are so aesthetically pleasing, we just couldn't stop scrolling.
We got to know Celeste a bit through her art in recent months and were delighted when we had the chance to chat to her about all things inspiration, her journey as an artist and seeing her son to explore his own creativity.
Celeste, we are so in love with your art. It’s so unique and always in colour palettes that go straight to our mood board. Have you always been creative or is painting something you discovered at a later point in life?
That is so kind, thank you! I feel so lucky to have always had that “creative” gene that drives me in every aspect of life and in art. Since I can remember, my dad who is an artist as well, would sit with me at the kitchen table and sketch up caricatures (his speciality) for hours, It all stemmed from there. My itch for creating and trying something new didn’t stop in my painting life either. I’ve ventured off in trying the most unique way to shop and dress, to unique rainbow colored hair-dos, even my interior design taste. My love to creating is ever growing!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am heavily inspired by two things: vintage botanical books and mother nature (and the experiences that come with her)
Do you have a favourite art work of yours and if so could you share why it is your favourite?
It’s hard to choose a favourite, especially since I always feel like I’m never 100% done with any of the work I’ve illustrated. But I would choose a painting from a time I cherish! I have a rough mixed media sketch of John Lennon that took me months to work on. Drawing portraits are difficult and so easy to mess up, but I enjoyed it’s long process. I topped it off with adding some watercolor, which was also during the beginning stages of my watercolor journey.
Starting something new can be daunting. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to  reconnect with their creative side and start drawing / painting?
I love this question! I think it can be so easy to just google search your favorite artist’s work and replicate their style to help build your own - but ultimately to feel fully accomplished in your whole self as an artist, you have to find it within your own creative mind to paint/illustrate what you love and what speaks to YOU. Paint what you would want in your own home, not what you think others want in theirs. Reading books of nature and dancing with my toddler in the backyard bring me inspiration. Physically putting yourself in the place that inspires you most is where I believe the magic happens, then your mind guides you from there! Not without a lot of trial and error, of course :)   
Being such a creative soul is it important to you to install the same interest in your son? And if so how do you get him interested in crafts & arts in a playful way?
I love this question even more! I’ve done a lot of studying on the “proper” way to teach a baby/child. What I’ve come to find is there is no answer, every human being is different and the same thing applies to our children. I strive to be an intuitive parent, allowing him to have big feelings, allowing him to have his opinion, giving him the freedom to learn things on his own without a forcing hand. I believe my parent’s taught me the same way and I’ve become the free spirit and strong willed person that I am because of this. This allows my little boy to have a voice and know his feelings are valid.. And with this, I’ve found he best enjoys learning outside, playing in the dirt! Or reading books! Books are a life saver! 
I could plan crafts all day long and he could tinker with it for a minute, but if I were to just let him loose outside and be pricked by the bushes, follow the ants and chalk the ground. that’s where I know he’s happiest. We are lucky to live on big open farm land where he can go feed the horses and goats as well! But who knows, everything changes over time. I personally see the power in intuitive teaching and learning!
We find it can be hard to compliment ourselves, If you had to name one favourite thing about yourself what would it be?
It definitely can be hard to compliment ourselves, we all deserve a pat on the back every now and then :) I would say I’m most proud of my hard work ethic. I have never chosen the ‘easier’ path when it comes to learning or growing a business, this is how I’ve personally grown the most in all aspects. I learned this quality from my father.
We saw the beautiful commission paintings you did for Father's Day. Could you let our readers know how to get in touch with you?
Yay! I post daily on my Instagram @celestecclark a combo of my life with my little family and what artwork I’m currently working on. My website is the best place to shop my work, shoot me an email or to just browse some bright and fun artwork -
Celeste wears:
LOVING MILA Ruffle Dress with PALOMA Heels   
FLORENCE Off-Shoulder Dress with MADAGASCAR Woven Sandals

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