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Conversation with Amrita: Photographer & Founder of 'Indulge Bali'

Conversation with Amrita: Photographer & Founder of 'Indulge Bali'

If you've ever shopped on our website we guarantee you've seen photos that Amrita has taken. She's been working with us from the very start of ELF and we felt it was time to introduce this beautiful soul with an eye for capturing a feeling in photos.
Amrita isn't only talented with the camera, she also has a beautiful lingerie brand that she pours her creativity and passion into.
We chat to her about everything, from our island home Bali as an inspiration to indulging ourselves in little moments...
First things first, how did you get into fashion photography? Did you study photography or was it a passion that turned into your work?
I studied ‘Design &  Photography’ at university, so I did learn it the classic way. But at the same time it has always been my passion even before uni. My camera is always with me and it’s been like that for 17 years.
You have been photographing for us for nearly 6 years now and every time we see the results of the photoshoots we feel that it cannot get any better than this… but every photoshoot is an inspiration and evolves into a story itself. What is your most memorable collection so far that you photographed for us?
I love all of them! They are all so different and inspiring. The last one I shot though  (“Wild and Free”) is special to me. Magic. It was beautiful warm clothes and the light was perfect that day.
Maybe because we are living in Bali I  miss this special autumn mood so much. It was very challenging to create it that scenery on a tropical island like Bali but I feel we truly succeeded
In your opinion, what are the top three things that make a great photo?
For me it’s light, composition and mood.
You are living in the artistic center of Bali - Ubud. What do you find the most inspiring about that part of the island?
Definitely the deep green colours, the beautiful terraced rice fields and amazing jungle sounds at night.  You are so close to nature, which is so inspiring to me. And the weather is a bit cooler than the coastal part of the island.
Words you live by?
Be happy and make people around you happy. Enjoy life!
We’d love to talk to you about your business ‘Indulge Bali’ (beautiful intricate underwear and light dresses). For someone who doesn’t know the brand, what is the one garment, they should have?
My favorite pieces are Penelope bikini  and the classic kimono Kanna. They bring that special feeling of a really indulging moment to your day-to-day life. 
And also love the silk  top Brizia, it’s so luxurious!
It’s all made from  natural organic fabric that are loving to your skin.
Last but not least: where can our readers find you and your label online?
You can us at 
or Instagram @indulge_bali

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