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Casbah Dreams - Interior Inspiration

The moroccan word 'Casbah' means 'Central part of town or citadel', In these places, hidden behind high walls you can often find a lush oasis of colours, rich fabrics and fragrant exotic scents.


When searching for a location to shoot our new Fall Collection 'Casbah Dreams' we hoped for a place that would reflect both:
The inspiration for 'Casbah Dreams':
Moroccan flair, hide away nooks with soft pillows and rich leather 
and BaliELFs DNA:
The tropical vibe of our island home Bali.


We found our personal dream home at VYG Villas in Canggu, Bali. A beautiful 3 bedroom villa that is inspired by miraculous places around the world - and has it's very own 'Casbah'. 


Have a look and get inspired by this flawless home. Dream of lounging in one of its beautiful corners, sipping on mint tea and listening to the ocean breeze.




Stay tuned for the release of our NEW 'Casbah Dreams' Collection...


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