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It’s hard to remember a time when this classical wrap dress didn’t take up an important place in our wardrobes. But this season it's one of the trendiest styles of all. Fashion gurus and stylists have cemented the wrap dress as a modern staple, but the big question is how to wear it. When the piece first went boom, it was introduced as a throw-on style that required almost no styling. Which is still true, but we’ve started to notice people reconfiguring them into countless other outfits as well.
The elegant wrap dress is easy to wear and looks flattering on absolutely everyone, making it one of the most inclusive buys out there.
Weather you wear it with badass boots, super comfy flats or perfect pair of heels, this fashionable style will become your favorite for any occasion.
And remember that wrap dresses never go out of style. If you had to pick a piece that’s in everyone’s closet, wrap dresses are probably a safe bet. From the waist-defining tie to the variety of silhouettes and details that come with it, you can’t deny that this flattering style is truly timeless — especially during the summer.