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✧❈ New Fall Collection: Casbah Dreams ❈✧

✧❈ New Fall Collection: Casbah Dreams ❈✧

The wait is over...
and we can finally say it loud and proud:
'Casbah Dreams'
our New Fall Collection is available online!

This collection was inspired by 'Casbahs' that offer a quiet and cool oasis in the hustle and bustle of hot Moroccan streets.
Just like them this collection is all about slowing down and enjoying the magic of the moment you're in - just like the magic of unpacking  a new pair of handmade leather shoes, handcrafted in hours of dedicated skill full work.
After wild prints and popping colours for summer, 'Casbah Dreams' brings you
muted tones, long-sleeved dresses and shoes and bags made from the richest and smoothest leather, adorned with beautiful woven details, intricate straps and handcut heels.
The 'Casbah Dreams' Collection was created to celebrate exotic places of quiet magic and the centuries old craftsmanship of manufacturing leather into pieces that will be with you for a lifetime. Each piece in this collection is the perfect fusion of old traditions and new interpretations.
See the full Lookbook of 'Casbah Dreams' here.