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It was a huge badge of honour of us the know a professional dancer said our ballet inspired shoes were one the most comfortable she's ever had #ballerinaapproved
Emma is an Australian singer and actress, best known for being the first female member of the hugely popular children's group 'The Wiggles'. We first connected with Emma when she ordered our Mangrove Leather Flats for her whole family. 

Getting to know her a bit better we were impressed to learn how she uses her platform to touch people, especially children's lifes to impact them for the better.
When did you start dancing ballet and what does it mean to you?
I initially saw Irish dancing on The Wiggles when I was about 4 years, and the teacher suggested I start ballet first. So at 4 I started ballet and then started Irish dancing at 5. Both these styles have been with me ever since and I’ve relied on them for so many auditions. Irish dancing feels so nostalgic to me, I love the music and it just feels natural for me. 
A lot of our customers are moms and will probably know you as the widely beloved ‘Yellow Wiggle’. What is your favorite part about being a Wiggle?
The best part about being a wiggle is getting to meet and perform for children and their families all over the world. We travel for about 8-9 months of the year so it is very busy. I love the live shows because you see all the children in the audience experiencing the music, perhaps for the first time in their lives. 
We absolutely adore your red curls and big smile. If you had to name one favorite thing about yourself what would it be?
My hair :) It does the ‘Riverdance’ vibe pretty well. I don’t feel myself if my hair isn’t curly however in high school I used to straighten it. But now I embrace the curls!!
You make a point of using your platform to make a positive impact. Most recently you worked a lot to support the deaf community. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
I love sign language and I try to incorporate sign languages from around the world in our live shows. I would love to share my excitement about the new sign language app called StorySign powered by Huawei. It is so amazing, its like something out of a movie. With your phone, after you have downloaded the app, you hold it over the suggested book and it turns the words on the page into an animation, an avatar. And the avatar signs what’s on the page. I love it! And I love that it using technology in a positive way to help children and parents who may be Deaf, interact with their families through story time. 
Tell us your favourite ELF piece? And what you like about it?    
My favourite are the Mangrove leather flats. I have never worn more comfy shoes. Im so used to wearing dance shoes for most of the day either in rehearsals or the show, but now in everyday life I feel comfortable walking in my Mangroves for hours. The slight raised heel takes the pressure off my back and the leather is so soft.
As we are in the middle of Fall: What are you Seasonal (Fall) Faves/ Must Haves you can’t live without?
I always have some pairs of thick stockings! It means I can wear any dress in the inbetween seasons. And then you can even wear a closed in sandal and still wear in when it gets a little chilly.
You travel so much for work! Is there anything that’s always in your bag no matter where you go to?
Hmmmmm, that's a good question and I feel like I get more specific as I travel more. I always take my KORA Noni glow with me, great for your skin after flights or harsh weather. And I love to have my favourite Genmaicha tea with me always! 
You can follow Emma on Instagram @emma_wiggle
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