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♡ MUSE OF THE MONTH: Angel Rose Turner ♡

Scrolling through our January Muse Angel Rose Turner's Social Media is an endless source of inspiration - from stunning hair styles to snaps of her outdoorsy family life - we simply adore her style and creativity.
She was refreshingly open and fun in our interview and shared fun anecdotes on how she got to where she is today and how she first got into hairstyles.
Like many others we first stumbled over your Instagram by admiring your beautiful and  creative braids. How did you get into creating looks with your hair?
This actually started with my first baby doll! I would sit for hours coming up with different styles. Once I realized it was a fun creative way to express myself I would do all my friends hair! I'm sure I fried many heads with those hot sticks (90's kid here)!  As a young adult I was in a volunteer program to fix young girls hair for banquets, school functions and such. This really helped me get A LOT of practice!
I never thought about doing it for a living (or Instagram for that matter) until a few years ago! It has become such a fun creative outlet for me during a season of busy motherhood.
On your Instagram we can always see you doing lots of crafts and arts with your kids. How do you come up with all the ideas to get them to playing with natural materials?

We are big recyclers, so most of our creation's come from things we find around our home or nature. I love scanning Pinterest for ideas, then creating crafts with what we already have.
We keep paint, paper and glue on hand at all times. With those three basics it's easy to find other things around your home to incorporate and make something fun! 

Your photos on your Instagram (@angelroseturner) are a perfect mix of showing glimpses of your family life and fashion & hair inspiration. Who takes your photos and how do you come up with ideas for shoots?

My husband takes all of my photo's and then we use a self timer for family pictures. I love using a timer verses a professional photographer for photo's with the whole family since we all feel comfortable and things turn out more candid! Fun fact, 90% of my photos are shot within a mile of our home. We live in the country so we roam around our acre farm to find a nice spot. I am terrible at planning out shoots, normally I only plan campaigns out. For every day photos I get a general idea of what I think would look good for a picture and we try to execute it within 30 minutes before sunset. We work very fast! Sometimes we shoot for 5 minutes and we're done. We kind of have to with three kids haha! When we are taking pictures with the kids I try to let moments happen and Gabe stands back away (so the kids act naturally) and take pictures! 

How would you describe your  personal style?
I love Bohemian style. A rule of thumb when I'm looking for a new dress is if I can spin in it I'll take it haha! I've really become a fan of solid neutrals lately as well. You can mix and match them, and keep a general capsule wardrobe together for a day to day basis.
What was your favourite ELF piece to shoot?
Most definitely the Amalfi leather flats! They go with everything and I actually wear them every single day! When I wake up I have them sitting outside my bedroom door so I can get dressed and slip them on. So even when I'm not shooting I wear them! They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I wear and I'm always on the run so they are my go to! I get compliments all the time for their unique style.
Name one thing you use in your daily life that you couldn’t live without.
This is going to sound so funny, but we have a special basket that sits in our dining room. I keep it full of crafting supplies for the kids. It can be super challenging to keep a work and home life balance with little ones by my side constantly. When I really need to get something done I will get out the
 basket. Bella and Colton will sit at the table to play with it for hours. I'm a huge advocate for kids being given creative freedom and using their imaginations. The basket has become special to us for all the hours of fun we've been given by it!
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