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♡ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY: 5 non-boring & creative ideas for date night ♡

If you don't know exactly what you want to do with your significant other this Valentine's Day, but you do know that you don't want to get stuck in the always-the-same V-Day routine we some  cliché-free, creative & non-boring ideas for you!
PS: These are just as fun if you're spending the day with your best friend!
A Fancy Picnic
There's just something romantic about eating and sipping on wine under the blue sky or starry night. Even if the fancy picnic turns out to be more like warm beer, melted chocolate and missing cutlery - We have never heard of anyone who doesn't like a surprise picnic with their loved one.
A Scavenger Hunt 
Think of this like a personalized scavenger hunt. Take your love on a fun scavenger hunt along your favorite places. You can relive important moments, recreate a favorite activity - and for the fun pf it - find out how your significant other remembers the memories you shared in those places. 
A Couples Spa Day
Spas often propose romantic specials for two on Valentine's Day.Take advantage of the reduced fares to enjoy everything the spa has to offer - from couples massages to bathing in flower petals.
A Paint & Sip Class
A hilarious way to bond with your love or friend is to take a paint-and-sip class together, which involves –you guessed it– painting a masterpiece (or something) while sipping on wine or a cocktail. Plus, you'll have a memory to take home with you.

A Surprise Getaway

Sweep your love off their feet by planning a surprise getaway. City trip or full on nature - there's a million options to plan a weekend your partner won't forget. If you can't make the time or splurge for a weekend away, how about a staycation? A night away from home in your own city.



Photos by the absolutely gorgeous Aggie.
You can follow her adventures around the world on Instagram @pink.lem 
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